When you stand near an operating microwave, your Wifi’s signal gets disturbed because they work on the same frequency. But why Wifi can’t heat food up?

Microwave and Wifi having the same frequency

Back to 1947, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) first established frequency band ISM, which stands for Industrial – Scientific – Medical. These formal regulations were aimed to standardize frequency band for companies, organizations to develop and manufacture things using waves without influencing the telecommunicating waves.

At that time, frequency 2.4 GHz was the number selected for ISM, and one of the first invention being applied this frequency was the microwave. This frequency band has three advantages. First, it does not require much power for broadcasting. Second, it could be limited in a certain space. Finally it could heat things up.

Although at the first time this frequency band was agreed to not being used for communicating purpose, throughout the developing technological era, it was started being used by some companies in producing radios, handy cellphones due to low energy consumption rate and low production costs. Then, at the moment, Wifi also uses frequency 2.4 GHz.

Why microwave have influences on the surrounding Wifi?

Although microwave uses ISM frequency band and was introduced that it is able to limit all the frequencies in a certain space, in fact there are still some leaking frequencies. This disadvantage comes from the microwave’s design when it must have some chinks for steam and smells release. You can see this on the microwave hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, there would be some food dusts outside the microwave since they release through the leaks.

That’s also the path waves leak out, influencing the surrounding devices having same frequency including Wifi.

Then does Wifi impact the working of microwave? The answer is just very little, sometimes even no. Simply because microwave is already bounded, and the waves inside are usually oriented to point at a certain spot, not spreading out everywhere like Wifi.

Why Wifi can’t help people cook things?

The answer is concentration and power.

Wifi waves are sent to everywhere from the antenna on the modem. On the other hand, waves from microwaves come to a specific point inside it. When meeting the microwave’s wall, the waves will be reverberated but also point to specifically planned spots. That’s why in the microwave there is always a rotating dish to make food hot up equally.

Beside, microwave could create power up to 1000W, while Wifi is just 0.1W. The discrepancy in power and concentration points is the reason for the differences between two devices.

Microwaves cause disturbance for Wifi, should it be replaced?

In fact, microwave distracts Wifi’s waves only in a small area, specifically area around a working microwave. So replacing microwave is unnecessary.

You may wish to buy a modern Wifi devices which uses 5GHz frequency band, and never feel disturbed when surfing Internet while waiting for your hot meals.

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