FCC has approved a new special moving censor technology by Google called Project Soli.

With this new technology Google believe that in the future human being can interact with mobile devices without touching them physically. And it is actually a coming scenario in the near future.

If you still remember Air View by Samsung which was introduced together with Samsung Galaxy S4 5 years ago, you may find Project Soil something similar. However, this new technology has intrinsically more innovations.

Project Soil utilizes radar to allow users interact with mobile devices through hand gestures waving in the air. For instance users can press a button on their smartphone by placing softly their thumb on forefinger to activate that button despite the distance far away.

With the experimental frequency from 57 to 64 GHz, this wave can go through clothes, gloves. That means it could work even though users wear gloves, or the devices are in backpack. However, applying radar wave on smartphones is still difficult at the moment due to wave noise possibly influence when users are on the plane or influence users’ healthcare devices.

Currently Project Soli is on experimental phase. To go practice publicly Google would have to follow strictly all regulations and pass all the tests by FAA. Therefore it would take a time before we could actually witness this technology which is previously thought to have only in fantasies. Nevertheless waiting to wave your hands in the air to run your smartphones is definitely a thing worth your waiting.

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