Paying your money but buying wrong applications, accidentally approving payment, or buying apps but then not like it anymore, you can completely ask Apple or Google pay back your money.

The two currently most popular application stores which are App Store (applicable for iPhone/iPad/Mac) and CH Play (applicable for Android) are all designed conveniently to facilitate the application shopping of users. For example App Store on iPhone, if users already fill out payment method then in futuristic buying, they just need to touch the fingerprint or use FaceID then the buying process is completed.

It is this convenience that bring about not few annoying for customers when they accidentally buy an app without intention, or some app with “Purchase in app” allowing users to try for a certain period then automatically take users’ money, which makes not a few users confusing.

If there was some time you unintentionally press payment button and accidentally buy an app for 0.99 USD or even a hundred USD, don’t be worry. Following is the way to get back your money.

On Apple App Store (applicable for both Mac App Store, iTunes)

There are at least 2 ways for you to send your problem to Apple and get supports from them.

First way: chat with Apple’s consultant

Initially accessing to Choosing devices as well as the problem you have, the more precise the better it is so that Apple could quickly get the situation and support you. By this way you could get off all of your confusion with the consultants and get the fasted supports.

Apple’s consultants are assessed to be relatively friendly, helpful and able to solve the problem quickly, of course you need some basic English to communicate with them.

After verifying that you bought an app unintentionally, or simply you complain the apps operating not as you wish, then Apple could repay you within 30 days.

Second way: access to page for reporting problem of Apple

If you got trouble with the bought apps, you can access to exclusive page for reporting problem of Apple at Here you have different options for your problem such as “I didn’t authorize this purchase” or “App doesn’t work, or behave as expected”.

These reports would be sent to Apple for consideration and in most of the cases you could also get your money back if you truly have problem with that app.

On Google Play Store

Although not being famous as Apple in customer services, Google seems to be more generous in application purchase. Specifically, if Android users accidentally bought wrong apps, or do not satisfy with the app, they could ask for money back by only one button, instead of chatting or mail to customer services department.

Reclaiming money could be done within 2 hours by accessing to: Menu > Account > Purchase History and select “Reimburse”.

If reimbursing process has prolonged over 2 hours, there are two ways for users to complaining and reclaiming money:

First users could send their complaint directly to the application issuers. On Google Play all apps are attached with the information of issuers. You could directly mail to them to ask for money back.

Or the second way, users could ask Google for help – this is the last resort but also the most effective one. By accessing to page for support by Google at and select the problem you have

Above are the ways to reclaim your money when buying apps on App Store or Google Play. Moreover you should be aware that when buying apps on many different stores, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Sony Playstation, Nintendo eShop, Ubisoft, you mostly can’t get your money back.

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