One of our articles has mentioned about 7 digital currencies which are allowed to be used in ICO services and to be traded on Thailand’s digital coin exchange. In this article we continue to write about the eighth currency which has been approved in Thailand.

After a certain time evaluating the legitimation, reliability, potential of this currency to be applied in the future and liquidation, SEC has officially announced LINA digital currency developed by LINA SLS issued in 2017 to be the eighth officially approved digital currency in Thailand.

Similar to other digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, LINA token by LINA SLS are allowed to be used in ICO services and transactions on Thailand’s digitalcoin exchange.

LINA SLS is a Swiss company, doing about technology of Blockchain, Bigdata and AI. Applications developed by LINA include:

  • LINA REVIEW: application for product assessment operating on Blockchain system.
  • LINA SUPPLYCHAIN: supplychain operating on Blockchain system.
  • E-Government: building electronic government on Blockchain.
  • Healthcare: healthcare management system running on Blockchain.

LINA SLS officially introduced their Supply chain running on Blockchain system in Novemeber 2018. Moreover, LINA SLS is the company which Laos government has assigned to construct E-government for their country.

In Thailand, LINA SLS is also the supply chain provider operating on Blockchain for corporates doing in agriculture such as ChokChai (biggest milk cow producer in Southeast Asia), Siam Food International Co. Ltd (a food corporate), AIM Thai Group (leading company in producing dried fruit in Thailand), Lawola Thai Herb Tech Co. Ltd (a pharmacy company), Kongfawattanawtt Co., Ltd (a company in educational field), Journey South Travel Co. Ltd (a travel agency)…

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