The apps below may be prohibited on Google Play Store or it could be that the issuers do not want them to be on the store. But these are surely very special apps.

There are loads of requirements and rules that must be followed to upload an app on Google Play Store. But several apps are exactly the thing users want but they violate some regulations of Google. Therefore, following are several useful applications that you can never find on Google Play Store.

Before starting, go to Settings and select Security to allow apps having undefined source to be able to set up on your smartphone (Settings >> Security).

Popcorn time

If you are a fan of television series/ dramas or feature movies, this app is definitely what you need. What the application is about is depicted exactly as the name of it. This application helps you to download your favorite dramas or feature movies quickly. The more wonderful thing is that it has also a short review of the movie.

Google Camera

Google Camera is already available on Google Play Store, then why do we include it into this list?

It is because when you set up Google Camera on any devices other than Nexus or Pixel, you won’t have HDR+. This happens because Google create this feature so that it is applicable only on their own models.

HDR+ is an image processing technology that helps the image to represent greater range of luminance levels, which definitely makes the image more similar to the image reflected in human’s eyes. It is much better than the normal HDR and that’s why image taken by Google Pixel become more spectacular. So how to set up this exclusive feature on your Android devices?

The answer is the app Google Camera has been modified. Currently this app is only supported on devices with chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 821, 835 and more modern chipset with Hexagon.

APK Mirror

Whenever a new application is released, APK Mirror is usually the first website upload the apps so that users can immediately download for using.

Hence, this is absolutely the best APK store for you to rapidly download the newest apps.


Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the best Stream video applications, but certainly they are costly. Netflix’s price is gradually reducing but of course it would never be free of charge. Mobdro is a wonderful app on Android that can broadcast nearly 200 televisions channels right on your beloved smartphones.

Moreover it goes in line with add-on Chromecast that means you can easily transfer it to another also supported device. This app has advertisements on it, however, it is not a big annoying. Furthermore, a premium version is always waiting for you if you want to experience it with no advertisements.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an app that can erase all advertisements on your frequently used applications, if you get lucky because Lucky Patcher can’t influence on all apps. Correcting mistakes, eliminating license verification, correcting APK, backing up/restoring are one of basic functions of this app.

AdAway Android App

This app is one of the best blocking ads application for Android, which allows you to erase all advertisements away from other using apps on your Android smartphone. Hence it saves you with your time and even browsing data volume.


Youtube has allowed users to download videos for offline usage, but if you want to save downloaded video under MP4 file, then it is impossible. With other apps on Google Play users are able to download videos from Youtube, but Tubemate is the best among them with only few errors and able to download videos with high quality.

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