To better serve professional users iPad Pro need its own operating system, keyboard supports, trackpad, storage devices connected via USB-C gate.

iPad Pro is currently one of the best tablets in the market and on the way approaching to the call of “computer killer”. However, according to Scott Stein, editor of Cnet, Apple should provide more important features in the next version of iPad Pro.

Own Operating System           

iPad looks extremely like iPhone with a host of apps displaying on the main screen. This feature was useful in 2010 when people started learning about Tablet, but that day has gone. The power of iPad Pro outperform many other laptop models, but one of disadvantages of it is that iPad Pro is not convenient for daily work, except for the tasks having been optimized on divided screen.

Apple has renew iOS system on iPad with the screen dividing feature, application dock and some other ideas but they are not yet enough. Apple needs to make special changes on iPad. Operating system on this tablet needs more supporting accessories, including trackpad, mouse, two-touching command with pencil and everything should be able to connected via USB-C.

A keyboard along with trackpad

This is not an impossible requirement but necessary to create to make iPad Pro function more efficiently. With the job relating to working on website, it would be very necessary.

If this tablet was equipped with keyboard, it should be a keyboard with led backlights. Customizing keyboard like Pixel Slate by Google is exactly what iPad Pro needs.

Increasing number of USB-C gates and providing dock

If the manufacturer decided to increase connecting gates, then they should add more USB-C.

Currently iPad Pro can use screen or projector to display images with ratio of 4:3, some apps allow to select resolution of the screen. But iPad could neither add another screen as Mac can do, nor display on huge screen with much higher resolution with dock like Nintendo Switch.

If trackpad or mouse was equipped, dock could expand to become connecting center with other accessories and iPad Pro would become like a mini version of Microsoft Surface Studio.

Supporting storage through USB-C and supply more professional applications

One of the tasks of pro users is accessing to big data file. Editing video or images all need spacious storage. Paying to get more cloud storage in this case doesn’t bring about efficiency. iPad Pro needs to work on with external storage via USB-C to better serve the pro users.

Apple should develop more special software to take advantage of the massive power of iPad Pro’s hardware. Why isn’t there yet Final Cut Pro X, Logic and more brand-new apps? Possessing more professional apps, Apple would lead the tablet market with iPad Pro.

More intelligent accessories

The new version of pencil already has smart connector like Airpods. Rear connectors also received high evaluation but there still exists loads of capacity not being exploited.

Taking a look at Nintendo Switch, along with Joy-Con controller has turned a tablet for gaming into a multipurpose handy device. iPad Pro could become many other different devices if they have appropriate accessories.

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