The year 2019 will promisingly witness new trends in the world’s smartphone market.

Even though smartphone market is deemed to get saturated, however, in 2018 we have witnessed a host of revolutionary innovations presenting new concepts of the manufacturers in the world. The wide emergence of smartphone having notch and ears, the release of smartphone having cameras supported by AI or massive RAM storage of 8GB/10GB, and fingerprint censors, and so on are such revolutionary innovations.

At the end of year 2018 the world’s smartphone manufacturers have launched new products possessing features prospectively setting a trend in the coming year of 2019. Below are the three features promisingly becoming trendy in the next year, which probably induce smartphone manufacturers to catch up with otherwise will perhaps lose their position in the market.

The emergence of foldable smartphones

In fact, cellphones with curved surface or being bendable have come to being since the last decade. Samsung used to introduce such models in 2011 and 2013 at CES. Nevertheless, they quickly became forgotten when no actual commercial versions of them were launched. Similarly to Samsung, ZTE used to have Axon M possessing foldable screen in 2017, but the same thing happened as what occurred with Samsung.

Until recently bendable smartphone trend has started to come back. Samsung after launching their flagships which were considered to be unimpressive will potentially consider foldable screen smartphone to be their futuristic concept. The Korean manufacturer intends to release more than one million bendable smartphones in the first half of the year 2019. At the same time, Google also announced a plan about optimizing Android operating system to work better on foldable phones. And Apple revealed a little about this model through their new patents as well.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers also exposed their ambition of taking the leading position in the segment of foldable phones, which imply foldable phones would promisingly the futuristic model and would broadly developed in 2019.

5G smartphones

While loads of Vietnamese users are still new to the 3G and 4G technology, world’s smartphone market would probably transition to 5G technology in 2019.

5G technology racing started first in the USA when the US government approved the strategy developing 5G network in the long term, and concurrently predicted that 5G would go globally popular in 2020.

In fact, some American network providers have built up 5G network infrastructure to be the leading company in this realm. Vietnam also has intention of doing experimentally this network in 2019.

With such conditions and the increasingly higher demands of users, smartphones being able to operate on 5G network are huge advantages for smartphone manufacturers to satisfy their customers.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Sony Xperia XZ4 will promisingly work on 5G network. Other manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oneplus are alleged to entering the race to become the first one using chip Snapdragon 855, that means it will work on 5G network.

Fingerprint on the screen

Unlocking phone by fingerprint is not a new innovation, however, the number of smartphone possessing this technology are not many.

Until the half of the year 2018, smartphone users started forgetting fingerprint unlocking feature when facial recognition tech has developed strongly. Moreover, placing fingerprint touch at the back surface is also not a convenient feature. Nevertheless, when fingerprint touch is hidden onto the screen it set a new trend and received great agreement from the users. Started from Vivo and after was Oppo, Huawei began developed this tech and brought it to their products.
Thanks to Clear ID by Synaptics, hidden fingerprint touch by Qualcomm, this feature would potentially expanded widely in the coming year and Galaxy S10 would probably be one of product having that feature.

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