If your iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPad Pro have trouble with FaceID, try these ways below to fix it.

Either you love or hate FaceID feature, if you decide to stick to Apple’s products, you would have to accept and learn about this feature. This is the biometric safety feature on the latest iPhone versions such as iPhone X/XS/XS Max and iPad Pro.

As far as we know, TouchID of Apple also had to pass through a few corrections-needing versions before it got to perfection, so the new facial recognition feature is not an exception. It is currently not yet perfect, users still sometimes have some problems like not recognizing owner’s face, wrong or slow recognition.

This is pretty unacceptable with a smartphone, whose price could mount up to 1,449 USD, however, users can quickly fix those unlucky errors by some following ways.

Setting up a replaceable face

Sometimes you pose your face to the screen but FaceID could not recognize. It may be due different hair style, moustache, clothes (hat, glasses) or the light condition influence the recognizing process.

According to iPhonehack, you should set up FaceID again in the good light condition. Moreover, you can take advantage of the setting replaceable face feature on the new version of iOS.

Then you can set up one more face in different states, for example, wearing hats, glasses, or laughing, yawning… to improve the accuracy of facial recognition.

Turn off “FaceID Attention Awareness”

iOS has a feature requesting users to look at the screen to unlock with FaceID. This feature will cause disturbance if at that moment you cannot look straight at the screen.

You can turn off this feature by accessing to Settings > FaceID & Passcodes > FaceID Attention Awareness.

Update the latest iOS version

As said before, FaceID is still in developing phase so Apple will continuously improve this feature better.

In fact, by updating from iOS 11 to iOS 12 improves the speed of FaceID relatively much. Therefore, users should continuously update the new iOS versions.

Setting up the phone again

If after trying the ways listed above but still cannot fix the error of FaceID, you can use the last resort, which is setting up your phone again.

According to iPhonehack, after setting up your phone you shouldn’t restore your backups but establish everything new again. Moreover, you should turn off FaceID before setting up your phone.

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