This “Other” part consumes not a small volume in our iPhone’s memory but normally we don’t really know what they contain.

The users who love taking photos, videos or playing games, especially with the iPhone version having low internal storage, would easily be  in the situation that their iPhone’s memory is filled up. And when users go to check their storage, although iOS displays clearly how much different types of data consuming the memory, from Apps, Images, Messages, or Mail… but there is still a mysterious part naming “Other”.

Sometimes this “Other” part consumes such a larger fraction in the storage than users’ main data but normally users don’t know what they are to erase them.

According to Apple’s announcement, this amount usually contains the settings of iPhone, voice recording of Siri file, file attached in messages, browsing bookmark… Other data like directory, calendar, messages, email and iMessage aren’t included in the “Other” part but are contained in “Documents & Data” at iTunes. Therefore depending on activities users have operating system creates different amount of caches. If users use iPhone in a long time, it could be the case that the part “Other” would expand more.

How to get rid of “Other”?

This part mainly helps data in apps to load faster. However in the case users need more space in their storage they may find this annoying. So following is some ways you could do to get off this annoy.

Resetting your iPhone

When resetting your iPhone, some apps would start over again, no more caches contain in the storage so you can get some more space.

Erasing all your data and then restoring them

The “Other” part involves several different kinds of data so it’s hard to know which data are from what apps. To solve this you can follow these steps:

Firstly you store your important data by iTunes. Plugging your iPhone into your computer > run iTunes > select Back up Now.

Secondly, crossing out all data on your iPhone by accessing Settings > General > Reset and select Erase All Content.

Third step is plugging your iPhone into computer, open iTunes and select Restore Back up to get back the data you have backed up.

By this way all your important data will come back and data in “Other” will no longer stay.

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